• Phase 01

    100% mint of NAC. 100% mint of NAC (for every 15% mint of NAC we do holders giveaways and contest giveaways winners are randomly selected)

  • Phase 02

    DAO ( 50% of mint and 50% of royalties on secondary sales) 50% of the dao funds will utilised to make CLAN token to provide value to holders, clan will be used for staking ,breeding, buying etc.. hold CLAN or sell it.

  • Phase 03

    Fully functional dao , direction of dao decided by holders through voting.

  • Phase 04 (BREEDING)

    -> " Holders create their own content. Release of v2 and V3 collections ( by Breeding, Mutating or Airdropping with NAC nfts) setting up their respective daos, their staking etc etc )".

    -> A P2E game.

    -> work will always continue holders decide NAC directions.

Naughty Ape Clan

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