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Naughty Ape Clan

4444 nfts all handrawn apes with various attributes.

To know more about our ecosystem read the rough whitepaper.

Our Speciality


We will do everything in a simplified way, starting with 50% mint in community wallet, then token and staking, V2 and V3 collections ,
all community wallets then become a fully functional dao, this is just the tip of iceberg, of course, we don't want to reveal many of our ideas towards
taking this project forward and compete with other blue chip projects on solana..


  • Phase 01

    100% mint of NAC. 100% mint of NAC (for every 15% mint of NAC we do holders giveaways and contest giveaways winners are randomly selected)

  • Phase 02

    DAO ( 50% of mint and 50% of royalties on secondary sales) 50% of the dao funds will utilised to make CLAN token to provide value to holders, clan will be used for staking ,breeding, buying etc.. hold CLAN or sell it.

  • Phase 03

    Fully functional dao , direction of dao decided by holders through voting.

  • Phase 04 (BREEDING)

    -> " Holders create their own content. Release of v2 and V3 collections ( by Breeding, Mutating or Airdropping with NAC nfts) setting up their respective daos, their staking etc etc )".

    ->A P2E game.

    -> work will always continue holders decide NAC directions.

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Why hold a NAC NFT ?

Giveaways for Holders

Holders are eligible for weekly sol giveaways winners are randomly selected more nac u hold more is the chance of winning giveaways + access to unique evolving features

Sell Your NFT

NAC NFTs will be listed on MagicEden, Solsea and other marketplaces as soon as minting starts...


Staking, breeding or mutating the more nfts u hold more is ur profits.

Stake To Earn NAC Token

Holders can stake There NFTs to get rwearded with the NAC Token..

Team Members

Our Amazing Team Members

Co-Founder & Artist
Co-Founder & Developer

Naughty Ape Clan

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